Monday, October 31, 2011


Took the Act 1 Test for Hamlet

Watched two scenes in two if the Hamlet movies

-Hamlet (Kevith Branagh) speaks of his mother marrying too early and of his sorrow for his father. We skip to the ghost scene when the spirit tells Hamlet that it is his father. They plan to take revenge for Claudio killing his father. Then Hamlets father tells of how he was killed while asleep in his garden. Claudio came and put poison in his ear.

Second movie comparison between the ghost scene in both movies.

-Upon the top of his castle, Hamlet (Mel Gibson), sees his father’s spirit. There are almost no differences besides the setting and the face that this movie skipped lines in the middle so it was shorter. Both versions of the scene show the relationship from father to son being very strong.

Started reading act two

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