Monday, October 3, 2011


Howdy all folk who don't know what happened today or are looking for some help on assignments! Hope you are doing well. Here's the sitch (Kim Possible reference).

At the beginning of class, Mrs. Smith said her exciting, "Hello class!" Or something of that sort. Then the class, not paying attention, gave a boring, "Hello Smith." And then Smith gave her usual spiel about how the class is so excited to be here on a Monday morning.

Mrs. Smith reminded us that we should be done with our Booker Prize containers and our Booker Prize annotations (stupid annotating).

Then we went over the homework due Wednesday:
- Literary Locker Tag for your specific character in The Canterbury Tales.
- The journal entry for one of the passage's you marked in your Booker Prize books.
- Read the Franklin's Tale in The Canterbury Tales, p.441-497. It seems like a lot but you only have to read the pages on the right side of the book, because the other side is gibberish. Mrs. Smith emphasized the fact that we should come to class prepared to discuss the Franklin's Tale and ready to participate to ensure that we have no quizzes, tests, or essays over The Canterbury Tales.

After reviewing homework, we finished reading and discussing the General Prologue we started to read on Friday. Today we read from p. 45- 61. We discussed briefly about each character:

Manciple: He was a con that tricked his own lords. The narrator does not favor this guy.

Reeve: He was also a con. He had a good appearance and was very smart. It seems as if everyone was scared of him. He too had tricked his own lords.

Summoner: We discussed how this guy seems like the most immoral person of the bunch so far. He is described as having pimples all across his face and is lecherous. He was a drunk.

Pardoner: He looked really nice, but in reality he was pretty much just like the Summoner. His job was to sell relics to people. The Summoner would send people to the Pardoner to "pardon" their sins, and the Pardoner would sell them fake relics that meant nothing in terms of pardoning their sins.

Host: This man was the perfect host and made food and beverages available to all who would enjoy them. He proposed to them a deal, if he amused them, then he could ride along with them to Canterbury.

Then we ended our reading time and we were granted time to work on our locker tags.

The lovely day ended and out the door we went, all wishing we could have more of Olivia's delicious cookies.

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