Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday, October 7

We started class with our usual greeting. "Good Morning Class" "Good Morning Smith"


  1. Merchant’s Tale
  2. Booker Prize Project
    1. container finished
    2. annotations finished
    3. work on journal entry and hero entry (complete by Monday)

Booker Prize:

  • Presentation: Everything in your presentation flow together
    • EX: So if your book is about deception then you can have a vanilla envelope that you can open up with papers with top secret stamped on it. Then you have your passages/ entries within folders giving it a spy kind of feel.
  • For Booker Prize you can turn in book as the annotation

The last group for locker tag.

The Prioress (Nun):

· “the top nun”

· Of Noble birth or seems to act like it

· Has a lot of pride which is consider as the vice

· She travel to France which most nuns have not so it makes you question her a little.

· Part of the clergy class

· Everyone after debated to put the prioress at an 8.

Discuss about Locker Tag

· Franklin: Hero aspect is he does the things that should be done. Generous, kind.

· Prioress: Doesn’t show any bad aspect. Even with pride she still cares for little animal but questionable since she should be taking care of people.

· Squire: Hero aspect is that he is loyal to his country, family, and God. Bad aspect: spends too much on his self and lust.

· Yeomen: He is needed on the trip in order to make equipment they may require. Vice: Greed for one medal that shows he travels to fight for the king.

o Does the color possibly mean something? (green = envy)

· We decide after discussing the locker tag to change the yeomen, squire, and doctor. New change: Yeomen->Doctor->Squire

· Doctor: Heals People, He is more of a man of science then god. Greed.

· Skipper: Stealing wine from people sleeping on the boat. Kills.

· (Decide to change Skipper’s and Merchant’s Spot: Merchant and Skipper switched places)

· Miller: Poor. Loud mouth about sins. Immoral. Cheats and steal. Takes corn and resells it.

· Are we being sexes between the squire and the wife of bath.

o They both are lustful and get around and spend money on themselves.

· (Change the wife and the miller) the wife of bath ->Miller

Discussion on Franklin’s and Pardoner’s tale

· Franklin’s Tale (pg 449)

o Love concurs all

o Lust. Greed. Envy. Lechery.

o Worries about her husband so wife makes a deal with a guy that if he can move all the rocks from the shore that her husband would land on then she would sleep with him

o He goes to his brother to get a magician using dark magic to get rid of the rocks.

o In the end the wife tells the husband about everything but in the end she is forgiven and everyone forgives for all the deals they make and giving the tale a happy ending.

o Hero Element:

§ Faith, loyalty, justice, honor

· Pardoner’s Tale (pg 506)

o Trying to go find death to kick it’s ass

o We reference Harry Potter to the Pardoner’s tale on how in both stories they both look for death which leads them to their end.

o Death: trickery, deceiving

(Reads the tale of the Merchant’s introduction)

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