Monday, December 12, 2011

12-12-11 Last Day of English Lit 1st Semester!!

Today was the final act fishbowl.
Presenters were:
-Connor McC.
Discussers were:
Some of the main points were;
-After all of the play is over, who oes to heaven, and who is sent to hell
-Claudius should definitely go to hell
-Laertes and Hamlet should go to heaven but there is discussion about whether or not they will. Hamlet killed Claudius in revene for his father. Laertes killed hamlet in revenge for his sister and father.
-Gertrude, I honestly have no idea where she is going.

-Does this book make a big deal of inaction?
-Fortinbras was the only truly active one and on his quest to take over Poland, and in the end, he remains alive and sits on the throne of two kingdoms.

-Why does the ghost not appear again in the play?
-He can only walk at night, and Hamlet didn't need any remindin of his task.

-Why is it that in the play, when a woman stands up to a man, she dies?

-Does Hamlet feel remourse for signing for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern's death?

-What about Polonius' death?

HW: Answer the act five question (you have only one day to do it), and prepare for your final tomorrow (bring essay outline and hamlet books).

Act V Blog Question

What do you think will happen to the people of Denmark now that Hamlet, Laretes, and the King are dead and Fortinbras is now taking over? Why do you think Fortinbras is now the king and not Horatio?

Hamlet Act 5

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday, December 09, 2011

First off, yes I understand there are two posts. All the days where filled and I had to double up.
We started class today with the death scene in the Mel Gibson version of Hamlet. This was much more violent than the first version. Hamlet continues to mess with Laretes, running around and acting like a jester. Words are exchanged, people die, and you know, Shakespeare stuff.
We then took notes from Ms. Smith on the outline of our finale in class essay. It is the first finale on Tuesday so get ready.
1.       Attention Getter
2.       Explain
3.       Authors works
a.       Oedipus, Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, Independent Novel, Hamlet
b.      These must be either underlined or italicized!!!! (Hamlet)
4.        Thesis
a.       Restate and answer question
b.      Why?
Body:     (X3)
1.       Topic Sentence
2.       Set up situation
3.       Lead in, “Quote” (Citation) . (Remember the period)
4.       Explain what quote means
5.       Connect to topic sentence
6.       Connect to Thesis
7.       Transition
8.       Set-up situation
9.       Lead in, “Quote” (Citation).
10.   Explain quote
11.    Connect to point of paragraph
12.   Connect to thesis
13.   Concluding sentence
1.       Restate idea of thesis
2.       Review assignment
3.       End with a similar sentence to your attention getter

You are required to use four of the five texts we read to pull quotes from. Each body needs to have a minimum of two per body paragraph for a total of six. In order to correctly use citations, use the following method:
                Oedipus Rex: (Sophocles, pg #)
                Beowulf: (Beowulf, Canto #, Line#)
                Canterbury Tales: (Chancer, Pg #)
                Hamlet: (Shakespear, Act #, Scene #, Line #)

Ms. Smith suggested copying this outline onto a word document and type over it during the finale so that you miss nothing. Good luck.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Friday!!

We started off class with watching the final scene from the Zefferelli version of Hamlet.

Mrs. Smith was kind enough to map out our entire essay for us and the following was written on the board. We can use this on Tuesday when we write our final essay:)

Attention Getter
Authors' works

Topic sentence
set up situation
Lead in, "quote" (citations).
explain what the quote means
connect to topic sentence pt
connect to thesis
set-up situation
lead in, "quote" (citation).
explain quote (what does it mean)
connect to pt of paragraph (topic sentence)
connect to thesis
concluding sentence

(sophocles #)
(Beowulf canto. line)
(Chauncer pg#)
(Shakespeare act. scene. line)
*be sure that all titles are underlined!!

restate idea of thesis
review arguments
end with tie back to attention getter

* we are allowed to write the attention getter, thesis, and quotes before we come to the final. But nothing else.

Other Notes!
  • Lead ins must have a comma after
  • quotes can never stand alone
  • use a transition in between paragraphs to make it flow
  • never assume that the reader knows what you are talking about
Smith suggest that we take this mapped out essay and paste it on a word document, and copy the body portion three times. Then on the day of the final, just fill in what is needed and take the last 5-10 minutes to delete the outline.

We got the rest of class to work on our outlines!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wednesday, December 7th

Happy Donut Fun Filled Wednesday!!

The Started off with Mitch dropping his chocolate covered donut....and we all laughed

Next we watched the Laurence Olivieay version of the fight between Hamlet and Laertes
Then we watched, Zeffirelli version (with Mel Gibson). We started at the gravedigger scene.
We did my finish the Zeffirelli version.

Remember**the final essay question is online, Feel free to email Smith if you need any help over the weekend

Fishbowl over Act 5 is on Monday!
HW: For Friday, know which question you are going to answer, and have a thesis prepared!

Wednesday, December 7th

This is being posted for Dani Harris, because she was experiencing technical difficulties with her blogger:

Today we watched the Olivier version of Hamlet and also the Zafferelli version. In the Olivier film we started with their fencing scene, which was a trap for Hamlet so that they could kill him with the poison on the tip of the sword. The scene ends with Hamlet dieing.
In the Zafferelli film you see the graveyard scene. Ophelia's funeral is there and her brother and Hamlet get in a man fight. Hamlet expresses how much he loved Ophelia.

The homework is to be prepared for Friday with a thesis statement for one of the two questions.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday December 7th

The essay questions for the final were put up on the screen. (They will be on her website on the last page of the PowerPoint schedule for the week)

o For Friday we are to come with a thesis statement for our final.

o Smith says this is not much to do because today we are just watching movies and eating donuts.

Don’t forget that fishbowl Act 5 is on Monday. There will not be a quiz over this act.

First we watched the rest of the scene we started on Wednesday from the Laurence Olivier movie.

o In this version Hamlet purposefully switches swords with Laertes instead of accidently switched when they were fighting.

o It ended with the same scene as it began on the tower.

o Fortinbras was not including in the ending.

o Another difference was that the King was only stabbed but not forced to drink the wine.

Next we viewed the Franco Zeffirelli version.

o Smith showed us the scene with Hamlet and the Gravedigger, it was much funnier watching it than reading it.

The bell rang before the scene was over though so we did not get to see the part where Gertrude seems to suspect the King.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, December 5th

Class work: Today we finished reading Hamlet act 5 and watched the Hamlet ending scenes.

Homework: Fishbowl act 5 group meet-critical review, syllabus, blog question post fishbowl.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Friday, December 2nd

Today: We read act 5 scene 1
Monday: We will read act 5 Scene 2 ( Scene in Graveyard)
Wednesday: Finish reading Hamlet, Watch act 5 scene 2 Hamlet movies
Essential questions
Role of Honor in Heros?
What it takes to be a Hero?

Friday: Essay prep( Questions online)
  • come in next week for extra help
  • Be ready with a Thesis and know the text you want to pull from
Monday 12th: Act 5 Fish Bowl

HW: Start work on Final outline