Friday, October 28, 2011

October 28, 2011

Homework: Answer Act 1 blog question, review for Act 1 quiz.

Blog response needs to be a well written. Everyone except the presenters needs to answer the blog.

Today we did our first fishbowl, Act 1.

Everyone in the outside circle did a live blog, while the inside circle discussed.

Mrs. Smith WILL NOT give points for poor comments in the outside circle ex. (I agree with Connor or Connor good question)

Presenter’s questions

1. What hero traits do you see in Hamlet so far?

2. Do we see a tragic flaw that Hamlet possesses?

3. Claudius offers Hamlet the love of a father, is the real or fake?

4. Does the ghost of Hamlets father pose something more than just a ghost? Is there something else behind the ghost?

5. Will Hamlet act in the same manner as Martin Luther in breaking away from the norm?

6. Is there any significance linked to the number three in the story?

7. Can the story of Hamlet be linked to Lovely Bones?

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