Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10th 1st hour

To start off the class the class accessed the google calender VIA the Google account the school created for you.

Secondly, the class began to write letters to their parents for parent teacher conferences.
The letter must include the criteria as follows....
1) Asses your learning in class so far theis semester; Participation, growth in learning, reading comprehension,writing speaking, etc...
2)Where do you want to be by the end of this semester?(doesn't have to be a letter grade)
3)How are you going to get there?
4)What can i provide to help you achieve your goals?
5)Anything else you want your parents and I to talk about?
6)Anything you want your parents to know about class?
7)write a message to your parents: can be about anything-its nice to thank them
8)Print off a copy for Mrs. Smith;email/print a copy for parents(inform them that this letter is the main topic of discussion at the conferences, grades will not be a prominent discussion, if at all.

We also created the presentation order;
October 17th
1)Jack Bobzien
2)Kyle L
3)Ben Bongers
4)Katie Ansay
5)Drew B
6)Jeff R
7)Dani Grogan
8)Finlay Banford
9)Olivia B
10)Ryan M

October 19th
3)Katy R
6)Ngoc N
7)Mitchell Bo
8)Dani Harris
9)Molly Beans
10)Connor M

October 21st
1)Jerald weliver
2)Sam M
3)connor Mac

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