Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17, 2011


  • Scribe and Booker Prize Presentation!

Important Information!

  • Starting hopefully Friday or Monday , we will be reading Hamlet
    • Hamlet will be a fishbowl and mini quiz type of unit! So talk a lot!!
      • Fishbowls will be like most fishbowls you have had at Arapahoe but the outside group will be blogging if they do not choose to be part of the inner circle.
    • We will also be watching important scenes with 3 different versions of Hamlet and discuss the variations in them.
    • We have signed up for presentation and discussion times for Hamlet fishbowl so if you have not done so please talk to Mrs. Smith! (By the way Mrs. Smith is the one who brought fish bowls to Arapahoe!! J)


· Jack: “Hotel Du Lac”

o Container- A simple hotel with a balcony with a picture of the lake on one side

o Heart: An organ that pumps blood through the body, pumps love through out

o Lake: A body of water, mirror

o Passage: Shows that she was a romantics and give you a reason why she was at the hotel

· Kylie: “The God Of Small Things”

o Coffin with a picture of India and clock

o Moth: bug, It represented what Rahel when she wanted to say her thoughts

o Pickle jar: preservation kind of idea

o Part of the cast list in India so what they did didn’t matter in society so they did whatever since no one cared anyways

· Ben:

o America: A boy

o Finger traps: get in to mess they can’t get out but they think they can

o Bottle: Emotion in the town are bottle up

o Moths: People of America, lights: technology, They get distracted from the direction they actually suppose to go because of technology

· Katie: “The Sea, The Sea”

o Book: Wave and sand

o Watch: shows waste of time

o Leveler: the main character goes from good guy then after kidnapping his girlfriend, a bad guy.

o Gave you what kind of view you were suppose to have when you look at the book

· Drew: “Hotel Du Lac”

o Pencil: An escape from the real world

o Book: Give the main character a head ache

o She ran away from marriage, No one in the hotel understood love, at the end it just ends up she pretty much lives with

· Jeff:

o Coffin:

o Faith: blame god for his wife’s death

o Light: hope that there was something out there even if god isn’t

o He starts to remember everything that happens in his life. Makes you wonder if he was dying.

· Olivia: “The Elected Member”

o Box: prisoner of his own mind, confine to the house where the sister took care

o White:

o Shows how everyone blames everyone else for everything

· Ryan: “The Siege of Krishnapur”

o Coffin: outside is dark because it isn’t safe, inside is

o Cross: faith and Christianity is a re-occurring theme

o Chemistry: because they are heading towards the new way of life

o Outside Christianity it is a lot darker while inside of it, it is much safer

· Kinsey: “Schindler’s Ark”

o Urn: Represent death

o Road pave head stones: death, disrespect

o Gold ring: the book came full circle, bond that would last forever

o Not caring for the war then realizes then he end up thinking about being a hero

· Katy: “Disgrace”

o Farm: Live with his daughter on her farm

o Lord Byron: a famous poet, what to be like lord

o Dog: the dog end up all gone

Presentation Order for Wednesday October 19 (WE MAY NOT GET THROUGH ALL BUT BE PREPARED!):

1. Dani Grogan

2. Finlay Banford

3. Cory

4. Joe

5. Jaden

6. Ngoc Nguyen

7. Mitchell Bo

8. Dani Harris

9. Molly Beans

10. Connor M

11. Sam M

12. Connor Mac

13. Anna

14. Andrew

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