Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 21, 2011

Hello all! I'm quite impressed by the last two posts, but regret to say to you that this post will not be that detailed. I unfortunately (but really fortunately) had to leave for a college visit (CSU!) during the middle of class but I will do my best to help you all out.

We began the day with a lovely welcome from Sean's donuts because we raised $65 dollars on Wednesday for the Food drive! Don't forget about the sweet deal Mrs. Smith proposed. We get the biggest breakfast feast you've ever seen if we raise $300 by Wednesday, October 26th.

Smith then gave us a much needed gift of no homework over the weekend.

Then we proceeded to check in our Canterbury Tales books and check out our Hamlet books. Don't worry if you didn't have your books or if you weren't there, we're doing it again on Monday.

Then we were off to our presentations.

Presentation order to my best knowledge:

1)Connor Mc
2)Dani H
3)Conor M
4)Sam M
5)Anna Q

This is where I left...

10)Jere W

I'm not quite sure what happened after this. So I'm gonna say it was probably the most fun and exciting time of anyone's life. And it happened so convieniently right after I left the class.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Monday, October 24, 2011
    English Literature
    Homework: presenters have to get ready for Fridays fishbowl and complete a post fishbowl blog.
    To start the day Paul announced that each student must bring about seven dollars to meet our goal so Mrs. Smith can cook us a feast. We have around one hundred dollars our goal is three hundred!!!!!
    Mrs. Smith answered any questions about the process of a fishbowl discussion
    We reviewed Tragic Hero Characteristics…
    • Noble Birth
    • Tragic flaw
    • Faced with a choice that greatly affects the hero’s journey
    • The hero must realize the mistakes he/she made
    • Hero suffers more than he deserves
    • Hero must be considered doomed
    • Hero must be noble by nature
    Next we reviewed the four stages of a hero’s journey
    1st Stage- the hero is innocent and one with the world
    2nd stage- initiation, all innocence is lost (a death usually occurs by this point)
    3rd stage- Chaos, Hero faces self near impossible challenges
    4th stage- Resolution, this is where the Hero is defined.
    The class watched 3 different scenes from hamlet (All scenes were produced by different people with different perspectives)
    1st scene is from Laurence Oliviay’s version
    2nd scene is from Mel Gibson’s version
    3rd scene is from Kenneth Brannough’s version
    All three scenes show a different perspective of Hamlet
    The third scene is the most modern
    The second scene is more “Hollywood” than the other two scenes
    Last we read scenes one and two