Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Once again the usual Hello Class, oh Hello Smith was given.

Finished Reading Divine Comedy, Cantos 5 and Cantos 34

While reading we discussed about how eat sin that was mentioned were two sided, such as love and gluttony. Also, why was hell cold in Dante’s eyes? There is no love or hope that may bring light.

Dante’s Sins
1.       Limbo
2.       Lustful
3.       Gluttonous
4.       Avarice
5.       Wrathful
6.       Heretics
7.       Violent
8.       Fraud
9.       Betrayal

Started reading Two Gallants, highlighted examples of the seven deadly sins and labeled them.

HW: Finish reading Two Gallants-highlight examples of each of seven deadly sins and label. Blog Question, Hooray! What are the greatest wrongs society/individual can commit? And LL part 1

Seven Deadly Sins: Link on class calendar for further explanation on each sin

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