Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday January 20, 2012

It's Friday assembly day!

First we turned in our summary/response on Hell and the homework for the weekend is to read the part of the Quran and to work on the first part of your Last Lecture. Remember it's due February 10 so there are only three weeks left!

We discussed the concept of paying for our decisions in the after-life versus paying the consequences now.  Kati brought up a good point that the way Dante put it, it was more of paying for your personality traits (lust, wrath etc.) instead of for your actions. Connor talked about maybe God has a plan for everyone and he puts you in situations that will help you learn life lessons and he wants to give you the opportunity to get to Heaven.  Molly talked about that the moment you deny God is when you will go to Hell and he gives you a lot of chances to prove yourself. We discussed forgiveness and how the line between Heaven and Hell depends on what you believe in. A question that was asked was how do people have an image of Hell even though no one has been to Hell and back?  We talked about why Satan has the image of red with horns and hooves.  There's also an interpretation of Hell being really cold and how Satan is frozen in ice.

Smith decided that we will not have a test over the Hell unit, instead we will have an "aquarium style" fishbowl where everyone is involved.

Next week we will start reading Dante and Milton.

In the Literature books we started reading the Creation story, Genesis.

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