Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We listened to four songs: (lyrics for these songs are on Smiths WEBPAGE)
·      Devil Went Down to Georgia- Charlie Daniels Band
·      Crossroads (Robert Johnson was the original artist) Eric Clapton
·      Highway to Hell (an interesting interpretation of sins and what it takes to get to hell)-ACDC
·      Hells Bells-ACDC
Watching pieces from two movies:
·      Bedazzled
·      Devil’s Advocate

Homework for tonight: SR: NO more than 1 ½ pages due Friday. LL Part 1 due Feb. 9. Also try to do the “Where do you fall on Dante’s 9 circles of hell?” quiz

The following table is just a list of all of the songs and movies we have looked at so far:
Sympathy for the Devil
Legend-Ridley Scott
Seven Deadly Sins-Flogging Molly
Satan’s Sweet 16-South Park
The Devil Went Down to Georgia- The Charlie Daniels Band
Bedazzled- Satan as a Female
Crossroads-Eric Clapton
Devil’s Advocate
Highway to Hell, Hells Bells-ACDC

The following are some notes and quotes from the two videos we watched today

Bedazzled: (Elizabeth Hurley, Brendan Fraser)
“I’m not all peaches and cream you know, I have a darker side too.” – The devil (Elizabeth Hurley) to Elliot (Brendan Fraser)

“If you commit one truly benevolent act it voids the contract.” (Hurley) Meaning if you make a selfless wish the contract that states Satan gets his souls is void.

“You don’t have to look very hard for heaven and Hell, They’re right here on earth.” (Hurley)

Devil’s Advocate: (Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves)
John Milton (Pacino) reveals his self to Kevin (Reeves) through an argument. Although he doesn’t flat out say “I am the Devil”. Pacino represents The Devil in human form.
Kevin shoots John but the bullets just bounce off. John sort of messes with Kevin’s mind by teasing him about his deceased wife. The following is a part of the conversation between John and Kevin:
“What are you?”
“Oh, I have so many names…”
“Oh no, call me dad!”

“Guilt is like a bag of bricks, you just gotta set it down.” (Pacino)
In this version of hell vanity is the devil’s “favorite” sin.
“It’s better to Reign in hell than to serve in heaven.” (Pacino)

**Remember Dante’s Classification of Sins when you’re writing your SR
***Dante talks about hell being a frozen place rather than a hot place

There are THREE significant animals Dante meets. (Remember the lion, the witch and the wardrobe? Well what did Aslan represent? Aslan he represented God and the Witch represented the Devil)

Brainstorming About all of the things we have seen: **think about this question, how do these things relate to Dante? The Creator? Responsibility of the creator?
·      Satan
·      Hell/After Life
·      Sins
·      Redemption
·      Consequences
·      Responsibility of the Creator
·      Under Satan there is no “free will”
·      Satan is tangible, whereas God is not
·      Do we give into temptations
·      Creator vs. Creation
o   God is the Creator: He creates you one way and gives you the choice to do what you want but does not tempt you to do it his way (Selfless acts)
o   Satan as the Creator: he creates you one way and gives you the choice to do what you want but pressures you to do it his way, applies great temptation (Selfish)
Dante needed Virgil to lead him through hell because reason can only get you so far; Faith is the only thing that will get you to heaven
Think about the Seven Deadly Sins in your own life


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