Friday, January 6, 2012

January 5th, 2012

First off! Homework for this evening/weekend:

1) Begin writing Last Lecture Part 1 (birth to high school) - due 2/6- if you would like help  from Ms. Smith, see her sooner rather than later...we are not her only students
2) Summary response due Monday (1/3 is the summary, 2/3 is the response) - outline for  how to do this:
     (Summary Part)
     Topic Sentence ---> title, author, point of paragraph, why
     Clear examples and explanation
     Concluding sentence

     (Response Part - this part CAN have personal words)
     Topic Sentence...I agree...why...
     Clear examples, connect to you, explain

     *remember to proofread!

After talking about the homework we continued to watch, Randy Pausch's Last Lecture, below are some notes taken while viewing this:
  • Pausch has one main topic and just goes through telling details about this one topic "Childhood Dreams", yet in the end he tells us it is actually more about how to lead your life
  • When mentioning each of the childhood dreams he comes to a conclusion on each one of them, and mentions lessons he has learned or advice he has recieved from people throughout his venture to accomplish his dreams..for example he says:
    • "you can't change the cards you are dealt"
    • "wait and you will be surprised and impressed"
    • "Brick walls let us show our dedication"
  • He states, at the beginning of his speech, that he was not there to talk about his illness, his wife and kids, or his faith. However, he does talk about others in his life, but only when they had an impact on him and changed the way that he was able to accomplish things.
  • Splits his speech into his dreams, helping others achieve their dreams, and lessons learned.
  • Parts from his Lessons Learned:
    • to continuously help others (he learned this from his parents)
    • Pausch mentions the mentors in his life and what he had learned from them, also what his students have taught him
    • Says that it is necessary to help others, get a feedback loop and listen to hit, show gratitude, don't complain just work harder, be good at something it makes you valuable, find the best in everybody you may have to wait a while but if you just keep waiting you will eventually see their good side, loyalty is a two way street, and explains how to get people to help you.
*this is going to be linked to online

Then we as a class real quick discussed what we can take away from watching this:
  • You can add humor to it.
  • Have a story to go with the point.


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