Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday, September 28th

We started out by voting "no" on a new seating chart.

Then some good news (for most of us) for this next unit on Canterbury Tales, there will be NO essays on this unit. However, we will be doing many creative projects in small groups throughout this unit.

The first one we are doing is a locker tag, which will be due next Wednesday. We got requirements for these today. See Smith for that sheet.

We now reviewed the background information of the pages we read in the textbook.

Here was the "participation" quiz:

In detail, describe feudalism and how it could be both beneficial and detrimental to society.
I was very structured, beneficial because it kept everything in order. However this was a detriment to society when people no longer wanted to stay in the sort of group that they were supposed to be in.

What were women's roles in Middle Ages? What  role did chivalry play?
They were supposed to keep care of the house, and have kids. Chivalry played the part in the idea that  the men would have to keep protection over the women.

What brought about the downfall of the feudal system? Why? What emerged from this downfall?
When the middle class appears, they no longer need the help from everyone else. Therefore, nobody has to do anything that they had to do before.
What was the benefit of the Crusades?
Fight between Paganism and Christianity, the Christians won, however they used the following of God to their advantage, and did things in the name of God that should not have been done.
How did the murder of Thomas Becket lead to curruption within the church?
Friend of the king who was an official in the church, that people became mad at, and was then later murdered in the church. However this exposed the injustices in the church, creating many issues with the way that people were doing things. Then the church though sort of had a battle between the unifying force of the church, and the people trying to expose the curruption.
What benefit did the Roman Church provide for Europe?
There was a spread of knowledge that happened because of the church
What was the gained from the signing of the Magna Carta?
What were the benefits from England's loss of the Hundred Year's War?
It united England.
What was caused by the Black Death?
Killed out part of England, however all these things were happening, causing this huge transformation happening.
Background of Canterbury Tales:
All about these pilgrams that would march on this journey, it is about all of their stories going on this religious journey, in hope to get rid of all their vices. It is all of the stories told during this journey, on their way to Canterbury. Everyone was represented, people from all sorts of life.
Set up as a frame-story. Many small stories, within one bigger story which they all relate back to.
We are going to be reading the translated story (the easier version).
We got small Canterbury Tales books, and were able to check in our textbook.
We created our groups for the Literary Locker Tag. You will have to find a group when you return, ask Smith if you have questions. This is due next Wednesday, October 5th.
Then we read the prologe on the right side of the page....this is the easier one to understand.
Homework: locker tag, Booker annotations, and should have a completed Booker container

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