Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, September 19th

  • Continue working on Booker Prize project (work on journal entry piece, this allows for time to get help before the project is due)
  • Finish Beowulf

In Class:
  • We took our second quiz on Beowulf. There were 12 questions. As long as you read cantos 5-11, you should be fine.
  • We watched the movie scene of Beowulf where Beowulf battles with the nude. "And there's his butt cheeks..."-Ms. Smith
  • We did not get into our independent reading groups this time, but Friday we will.
  • In-class Beowulf essay is a week from today! Start planning so this essay turns out better than the Oedipus one.
  • If anyone finds Ms. Smith's orange Sharpie pen, please return it.

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