Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, September 12th

Happy Monday!!

Today did Oedipus Performances. We were all checked out big purple literature books and our homework was to read and take notes on pages 2-19 and page 47 out of that book. Also read twenty pages of your booker book, we should be done reading in the next two weeks! Don’t forget, donut day is on Wednesday. At the end of class, Smith also collected our Oedipus books.

Our first group was the Prequel part one. They did an old west theme and talked in silly accents. The town of Thebes was called Tuxom, and the town of Corinth was Corn Cob. They did a great job showing the first part as Oedipus as a baby.

The second group performed the Prequel part two. They did a medieval theme, with London and Edinburgh as the two towns. They defeated a sphinx and a king. It was very fun to watch.

The third group did pages 1-13, and they did a Harry Potter Theme,

They did a great job of making Oedipus into Harry Potter. Their one central prop was a wand to represent the power in the play.

The fourth group did pages 63-80 This group’s theme was talk show or the Jerry Springer show. They held up applause, laughter, and gasp signs to get the class involved. It was a great performance. It was a great adaptation of Oedipus into the current modern day.

The fifth group did Oedipus the Sequel. They did modern day with Oedipus banished and living in a trailer park. Also they had Creon as a successful CEO. It was very amusing and they did a great job.

Great job to everyone who performed!

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