Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday September 16th

Homework: Read and take notes over Beowulf cantos 5-11; quiz on Monday. Start containers for booker prize this weekend. Every weekend do a little more with the project so you will have it done by the time it is due.

Before the quiz today we reviewed the cantos 1-4

Why does Grendel haunt the hall?
-Because they were playing music and it was annoying.

What is Beowulfs role?
-Grendel embodies everything from hell and Beowulf is the opposite, the hero.

-Everytime there would be a party Grendel would come and eat everyone because they would drink, pass out then get eaten. So if they don't drink, they wont pass out, and they wont get eaten.

-Beowulfs father owes Hrothgar so Beowulf is trying to repay Hrothgar for his father by getting rid of the demons in the hall.

-Epic hero's are always seeking out challenges.

-Grendel wont attack the throne because of God.

Christian vs. Pagan
-Christian influence is that Grendel cannot attack the throne but Hrothgar pray's to theDevil to save his people because he doesn't know what to do.
-Pagan-faith is in control
-Christian-God is in control
-Beowulf goes into the fight saying "whatever happens, happens" which is a pagan quality.

Important! Beowulf doesn't use weapons to fight off Grendel because he wants it to be a fair fight because Grendel isn't using weapons.

The quiz turned out to be a partner quiz and Smith gave us "gates of heaven" which is where we can use the book for a certain amount of time.

After the quiz she showed us a clips from the movie. One was of Grendel attacking everyone but he couldn't touch the king even though Hrothgar was urging him on. Grendel appeared in a blue fire which could be interpreted as hell. When there was screaming Grendel's eardrum was shaking because it was annoying. The 2nd one was of Beowulf going over to kill Grendel. "I'm doing this for glory, not for gold" an example of an Anglo-Saxon ideal.

After the clips we started reading cantos 5-11 we only got through 6 the rest is homework.

In 5 Beowulf is trying to repay his fathers debt to Hrothgar. Hrothgar keeps reminding him that Beowulf's family owes him so that Beowulf doesn't seem so mighty.
In 6 a new character Unferth comes in. He is jealous of Beowulf and tries to challenge him and Beowulf sets him straight.

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