Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday, September 23

The class began the same as ever with "Good morning Smith". Mrs Smith told an interesting story about Arapahoe homecoming including decorating the whole school and having the pep assembly in the middle of the day.
  • be ready for Beowulf in class essay on MONDAY
  • you should be prepared by bringing in an outline that includes your thesis, which states the title of the piece the author ( in the case of Beowulf is anonymous) and two or three arguments defending the statement of your thesis.
  • Body paragraph: the body paragraphs should include a topic sentence, which states the topic of the body paragraph. then a setup sentence and lead-in sentences so that you can lead in to your supporting quote. after the quote, explain the importance of the quote, then repeat the set up and lead in to the next quote of the body paragraph.
  • quotes should support your thesis statement. you should have at least six to state 3 in each paragraph if you choose 2 body paragraphs, or 2 in each paragraph if you choose 3 body paragraphs. quote citation should include the Canto and the line that the quote is found. no author is needed if you are using only quotes from Beowulf. An example of a proper citation would be (3,86), this means canto 3 line 86 is where your quote is found. be sure to explain what the quote is saying, connect it to the paragraph and also connect it to the thesis.
  • Conclusion paragraph should restate the thesis, then you should repeat your main arguing points that support your thesis. then for the end of the conclusion you should end it with a satisfying conclusion.
In class:
  • students brought in their containers for work in class today, then worked in their groups to help prepare for their Beowulf in class essay.

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