Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Hello everyone.”  “Hello Smith”
We had donut fun filled Wednesday

Fun factoid of the day- If you were wondering there is a national donut day during the summer

Finished Oedipus. Pg. 99-Finish

Discussed the questions for the in class essay.

Edited our college essays


Final college essay due September 9, make sure you sign up to have a meeting with Mrs. Smith

Read another 20 pages of your man booker prize book.

Friday is our first in class essay. 3 to 4 pages you should shoot for.

Intro should be short. Have an attention getter than your thesis.

Body 2 quotes

Body 2 quotes

Body 2 quotes

Conclusion paragraph

            Bring in your outline ONLY. One to two word points to help guide you’re body       paragraphs.

You can have a thesis and it can be fully written out. Restate the question, include title, author, answer the question, and why

Mrs. Smith should see your paragraph setup

Outline should look like this.

1.      First body paragraph is about sickness

Then you have your two quotes. “Quote for sickness” (Sophocles 39) “Quote for sickness”

You can type your quote and just copy and paste

2.      Second is about death

“Quote….” “Quote…”

3.      Third is about survival

“Quote…” “Quote…”

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