Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday August 17th, 2011

We started out class by shouting, "Hello Smith!"

Then celebrated our first Donut Fun-Filled Wednesday!

We handed in our crossroads essays, and wrote down the title of the Man Booker book that we chose (if you would like to claim your book title, the blue folder on Smith's desk will have the list in it, write the name of your book next to your name there). Keep in mind that only two people can be reading the same one.

Then we signed up for permissions to be a writer on her blog. You have to ask her in order to have an invite to your email address.

It was then time to share college tips! Here is what our class came up with:

- Keep your focus narrow and personal
- Prove a single point with a thesis
- Take time to go beyond the obvious
- 1/3 of your essay should be story, 2/3 of it should be about you

Good websites to use to improve your essays (Smith is putting links to these on her webpage):
SAS Writing Reviser ( - general help on the essays
Lexipedia ( - can give you good synonyms to get rid of the overused words

Remember that there is always writing lab as well where you can go in and get advice on your writing from English teachers from Arapahoe. Also keep in mind that anyone in the English office (even if Smith isn't there) is more than willing to help you, you just have to ask.

We then continued onto talking about what the expectations are about scribing:
Date is the title
Detailed notes (imagine if you were in class)
Exciting (personalize it)
Add websites that might have been mentioned
Don’t cut corners
You can even add in videos!

We then finished class by watching Mr. Fisch's video, "Did You Know?". Which can be found at this website:

- read Oedipus material
- parent form needs to be completed for Friday
- bring in Man Booker book

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