Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday August 19, 2011

HW: ½ page essay about someone in your life that has made a difference in past present and future. How they affected you and will that carry on. In this essay 1/3 of it should be the story and background and 2/3 should be about the affect what made them the role model that they were.

In class we started by getting back the essays form Wednesday. We then went over the words that we should then not put in this essay. Words to not use in the essay: Good, bad, stuff, things, it, everyone, everything. There are only 500 words to convince the college of your choice to pick you. Word choice should be descriptive and paint a picture for the reader. When comparing “it got really bad”, to” expressions of grief” one obviously sounds more interesting and an attention grabber. We are encouraged to start out this essay in a different way to catch more attention.
• There are two types of heroes
o Tragic
o Epic
• Rules
1. Have to be from a noble birth.
2. Hamartia (a tragic flaw) often is pride in many stories.
3. All tragic heroes are faced with a choice.
4. A reversal of fortune.
5. The recognition or discovery of what they have been blinded from but it is always too late.
6. They make the mistake that eventually leads to their own death.
But then again there are always exceptions.
Oedipus Notes
• What we will see from Oedipus
• Decisions that will made him seem blind to the others in the world.
• He may become in a state of self-awareness.
• Compare his journey as going on a big roller coaster and getting to the top and your already at the top so there is no turning back.
• No one really understands him or gets what he is going through.
• As the story goes on the audience becomes a part of the story and are impacted at the end.
• Fate is beyond control even if they try to avoid it.
• People
• Laivs and Jocasta- Oedipus father and mother whom he then marrys his mother and kills his father. (Dramatic irony)
• Oedipus “swollen feet” the main character
• Stages of a hero
o 1. Innocence, one with the world, and the center of the universe.
o 2. Initiation, Could be death, awareness of evil, or an intimate awakening.
o 3. Chaos, feels denial or may gain wisdom or retreat back to innocence.
o 4. The resolution, where the heroes make a name for themselves, better understanding of the world.
We are too finish the notes in class on Monday. Don’t forget the essay!!

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