Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Started out by saying “Hello Smith” like always

Dani and Maddie have donuts for Wednesday.

Mrs. Smith gave a run down on Jackson’s 10th birthday party.

Had your first Man Booker Prize group meeting

Independent Reading Groups Week One:

  1. Introduce yourself to your fellow group members!
  2. Answer the following questions: Record answers by the question.  Each member must record his/her answers individually.
    1. Why did you select this book?
    2. What 3 things have you found most surprising thus far?  Why?
    3. What 2 things have you found most disappointing thus far?  Why?
    4. Literary elements: (Be detailed in your descriptions)
                                                               i.      Setting:

                                                             ii.      Characters: (identify at least four)

                                                            iii.      External conflicts:

                                                           iv.      Internal conflicts:

                                                             v.      Motifs:

    1. Vocabulary: Analyze 2 motifs the author has used repeatedly in this section of the reading.  What do the words mean?  What is the author trying to say by the use of that particular word?  What does it represent?
    2. What connections have you made to the piece of literature?  Are there any passages in particular that are “speaking” to you?  Quote the passage and summarize the situation.  Why do these passages speak to you? 
    3. Question for fun:
If you had to cast the film version of your piece of literature, who would you select to portray the main characters?  You need to select at least three characters and assign an actor to each one.  Also, include an explanation of why you selected that particular actor.

                H. Hero element?
Discuss these things and write them down and turn in

Kept reading Oedipus, pages 62-99


Decide on final college essay. You’re going to summit this essay as a final copy. Final copy is due September 7, worth 100 points. Need to sign up for a one on one conference with Mrs. Smith. (Off hours MWF 4, 6 and T/TH 1, 6) Try and make corrections on your essay you choose and bring in for peer editing on Wednesday. Can go in to writing lab and get more feedback. 

Read Booker Prize. Try and read 20 pages a night every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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