Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday August 22 2011

As class started we turned in the second essay.
Wanted! Someone to take Mrs. Smith's three kids to school on the late start in September.
H.W. Presentations for the book start on 10/10. Tonight the pages of your chosen book should be divided for different nights. Also pick three examples of dramatic irony in Odicious as well as three adjectives.

A little bit about the independent reading assignment
- Be creative
- Have a theme
- Should have an idea about what the book is about just by looking at the container that the project is in.
- A container is going to have something on the outer parts about the book as well as the inside.
- 5 items that depict the story/ represent
-Annotate the book with sticky notes or a notebook on the side.
-There will be one journal entry about something in the reading that really stood out.
We then read the reading for Odicious and talked about the irony of how he is trying to convince himself and his people that he had nothing to do with the death of his father.(whom he doesn’t know was his father.)

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