Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday, April 30th

Hello everyone! Today in Smith's class, we discussed the final chapters of Brave New World. Before we began discussing, Smith handed us our Last Lecture rubric for the project. She also told us that the Last Lecture final will be going into the Writing category because it is the category that makes the final about 15% of our grade. For some of us, this is a great opportunity to raise our grade a bit! Hurray! Our homework for Wednesday is to review chapters 9-18 in Brave New World because we have a fairly large quiz on Wednesday. This will be the last grade to be put into the grade book until our final, so it is smart to do well on the quiz! Also, you should be working on your Last Lecture presentation. We will be given time after the quiz on Wednesday to work it and all of the class on Friday to work on it as well. Mrs. Smith said that if you need any help this weekend with your Last Lecture, that you should talk to her right away because her week this week is very hectic! She also said rehearsing before you present is a very good idea because we will only be given 5 minutes to present next week. If you go over 5 minutes you will be stopped in the middle of your presentation and lose points; you will not be able to finish your presentation. So aim for 4 to 5 minutes, in my opinion, just to be safe. Other than that, see you all Wednesday!

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