Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, April 2nd

  • turned in Stranger than Fiction summary response
  • checked in The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • checked out Brave New World
  • discussed Stranger than Fiction vs. The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • The watch was destroyed, but it saved Harold's life vs. Dorian destroyed the painting and that took his life
  • Both creators have large responsibilities toward their creations
  • The creators look at their creations only as art to begin with, but soon realize there is much more to it
  • read "Onion satire articles" on Smith's webpage (groups of three were assigned one article to read and answer the questions at the top of the page)

We also discussed the differences between Horatian and Juvenalian satire to help better understand the satire project we will be doing.

  • humorous
  • witty (smart humor)
  • light-hearted
  • laugh at your faults
  • describes faults to be tolerated
  • focuses on small details
  • bitter
  • harsh
  • abrasive
  • pessimistic
  • ironic
  • mean
  • sarcasm (morbid sarcasm)
  • focuses on the big picture
  • exposes social injustices
Satire- purpose: to hold a mirror up to society and to make fun of the subject

  • Last Lecture Part 2 due FRIDAY April 6th
  • Satire project due Friday April 6th

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