Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday, May 2nd.

Hello Everyone,

For todays PLC day we took our last quiz of the year on chapters 13-18. and we signed up for our lasst lecture presentations! The presentation dates are,

Monday 5/7:                                   Wednesday 5/9:                                      Friday 5/11:
1) Jack B                                         1) Jeff R                                                 1) Anna Q.  
2)Collin M                                        2) Ryan McConnell                                2) Andrew O.
3) Alexa Franks                                3) Kati Ansay                                         3) Madeline P.
4) Katy Roehrs                                 4) Olivia Batdheller                                 4) Jess S.
5) Joe Johnson                                  5) Mitch Boh                                          5) Conor McC.
6) Jake Palmer                                  6) Tyler Utsler                                         6) Sam M.
7) Conor McHugh                             7) Kylie Lemay                                       7) Ben B.
8) Jere Weliver                                   8) Sean Fritter                                        8) Jaden G.
9) Molly B.

Be ready to work on your last lecture on Friday since that is all we will be doing that day. Be sure to be well prepared for your Last Lecture Presentations!

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