Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23, 2012

Hi everyone!
Today we began by watching the end of Stranger Than Fiction and reviewed the format of the Summary/Response due on April 2nd:

Remember this is formatted into 2 paragraphs: Summary and response.

In the summary (this should make up about 1/3 of your paper!):
-Begin with a topic sentence
-Focus only on the film Stranger Than Fiction
In the response (2/3 of paper):
-Respond to both the film and the book
-Connect to guiding questions
-to what extent does a creator have responsibility towards its creation
-at what point does a creation accept responsibility for its own actions

Other important information:
Refer to the director when speaking of the film, this is Marc Forster
Refer to the author when speaking of the book, this is Oscar Wilde

Once again, this is due on April 2nd, the Monday after spring break! Remember to also continue working on the last lecture part 2 due April 6th!

Have a great spring break everybody!!

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