Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday December 7th

The essay questions for the final were put up on the screen. (They will be on her website on the last page of the PowerPoint schedule for the week)

o For Friday we are to come with a thesis statement for our final.

o Smith says this is not much to do because today we are just watching movies and eating donuts.

Don’t forget that fishbowl Act 5 is on Monday. There will not be a quiz over this act.

First we watched the rest of the scene we started on Wednesday from the Laurence Olivier movie.

o In this version Hamlet purposefully switches swords with Laertes instead of accidently switched when they were fighting.

o It ended with the same scene as it began on the tower.

o Fortinbras was not including in the ending.

o Another difference was that the King was only stabbed but not forced to drink the wine.

Next we viewed the Franco Zeffirelli version.

o Smith showed us the scene with Hamlet and the Gravedigger, it was much funnier watching it than reading it.

The bell rang before the scene was over though so we did not get to see the part where Gertrude seems to suspect the King.

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