Monday, December 12, 2011

12-12-11 Last Day of English Lit 1st Semester!!

Today was the final act fishbowl.
Presenters were:
-Connor McC.
Discussers were:
Some of the main points were;
-After all of the play is over, who oes to heaven, and who is sent to hell
-Claudius should definitely go to hell
-Laertes and Hamlet should go to heaven but there is discussion about whether or not they will. Hamlet killed Claudius in revene for his father. Laertes killed hamlet in revenge for his sister and father.
-Gertrude, I honestly have no idea where she is going.

-Does this book make a big deal of inaction?
-Fortinbras was the only truly active one and on his quest to take over Poland, and in the end, he remains alive and sits on the throne of two kingdoms.

-Why does the ghost not appear again in the play?
-He can only walk at night, and Hamlet didn't need any remindin of his task.

-Why is it that in the play, when a woman stands up to a man, she dies?

-Does Hamlet feel remourse for signing for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern's death?

-What about Polonius' death?

HW: Answer the act five question (you have only one day to do it), and prepare for your final tomorrow (bring essay outline and hamlet books).

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