Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday, December 09, 2011

First off, yes I understand there are two posts. All the days where filled and I had to double up.
We started class today with the death scene in the Mel Gibson version of Hamlet. This was much more violent than the first version. Hamlet continues to mess with Laretes, running around and acting like a jester. Words are exchanged, people die, and you know, Shakespeare stuff.
We then took notes from Ms. Smith on the outline of our finale in class essay. It is the first finale on Tuesday so get ready.
1.       Attention Getter
2.       Explain
3.       Authors works
a.       Oedipus, Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, Independent Novel, Hamlet
b.      These must be either underlined or italicized!!!! (Hamlet)
4.        Thesis
a.       Restate and answer question
b.      Why?
Body:     (X3)
1.       Topic Sentence
2.       Set up situation
3.       Lead in, “Quote” (Citation) . (Remember the period)
4.       Explain what quote means
5.       Connect to topic sentence
6.       Connect to Thesis
7.       Transition
8.       Set-up situation
9.       Lead in, “Quote” (Citation).
10.   Explain quote
11.    Connect to point of paragraph
12.   Connect to thesis
13.   Concluding sentence
1.       Restate idea of thesis
2.       Review assignment
3.       End with a similar sentence to your attention getter

You are required to use four of the five texts we read to pull quotes from. Each body needs to have a minimum of two per body paragraph for a total of six. In order to correctly use citations, use the following method:
                Oedipus Rex: (Sophocles, pg #)
                Beowulf: (Beowulf, Canto #, Line#)
                Canterbury Tales: (Chancer, Pg #)
                Hamlet: (Shakespear, Act #, Scene #, Line #)

Ms. Smith suggested copying this outline onto a word document and type over it during the finale so that you miss nothing. Good luck.

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