Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Friday!!

We started off class with watching the final scene from the Zefferelli version of Hamlet.

Mrs. Smith was kind enough to map out our entire essay for us and the following was written on the board. We can use this on Tuesday when we write our final essay:)

Attention Getter
Authors' works

Topic sentence
set up situation
Lead in, "quote" (citations).
explain what the quote means
connect to topic sentence pt
connect to thesis
set-up situation
lead in, "quote" (citation).
explain quote (what does it mean)
connect to pt of paragraph (topic sentence)
connect to thesis
concluding sentence

(sophocles #)
(Beowulf canto. line)
(Chauncer pg#)
(Shakespeare act. scene. line)
*be sure that all titles are underlined!!

restate idea of thesis
review arguments
end with tie back to attention getter

* we are allowed to write the attention getter, thesis, and quotes before we come to the final. But nothing else.

Other Notes!
  • Lead ins must have a comma after
  • quotes can never stand alone
  • use a transition in between paragraphs to make it flow
  • never assume that the reader knows what you are talking about
Smith suggest that we take this mapped out essay and paste it on a word document, and copy the body portion three times. Then on the day of the final, just fill in what is needed and take the last 5-10 minutes to delete the outline.

We got the rest of class to work on our outlines!

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