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Scribe- Monday 11.14.11

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Fishbowl Act 3
HW: answer Act 3 blog question, fishbowl act 4 group meet- critical review, syllabus, blog question post fishbowl

Class Schedule: Today was the Act 3 Fishbowl. This took up all of class.

Jack, Drew, Molly, Mitch, Jere, and Ben

Alexa, Anna, Kati, Finlay, Olivia, and Jaden

Main Points:
-Is the ghost real, or just a figment of Hamlet's imagination?
-Is Hamlet seeking to avenge his father, or has he lost that path?
-Appearance vs. Reality
-Does the ghost of king Hamlet change his plan for Hamlet to execute?
-Is Claudius truly sorry for his evil actions?
-Does the play "the Mousetrap" show any significance through it's name or any other part?
-Why does Claudius want to know what the source of Hamlet's distress is?

- Side note:
The play Hamlet was written in the time of William Shakespeare's life when his son Hamnet died. The play was then written about a son losing a father rather than a father losing a son.

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