Monday, March 19, 2012

DG Fishbowl 17-20


  1. @Ben Bongers
    I think Dorian actually died because the moment Dorian wished the portrait to suffer his sins the picture literally bacame apart of him. The portrait was his soul, and he killed it.

  2. @MitchB(7:46AM)
    I think colors were a prominent symbol in the book. In particular the color white represents Dorian's purity before Basil even touched the canvas of Dorian Gray. I think this is because The portrait defined dorian and altered his innocence.

  3. @BenB(8:08AM)
    After reading this book i feel that the creation's influences holds greater responsibility towards the creations well being than the creator itself. For example one could argue that Lord Henry is responsible for giving Dorian the glorified perspective of youth that lead him to using the portrait as the scapegoat for his sins and age.

  4. Question: If Sybil Vane's brother had stabbed the portrait instead of Dorian do you think that there would be a different outcome? Do you think that there is any significance of the creation destroying the creation itself?