Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, February 27th

Hello all! Welcome to Monday. Booo Monday, but on the upside it is a four-day week!

Today we started with turning in our yellow packet of 16 quotes from chapters 4-7. The packet was helpful as a reference in the fishbowl, and I'm sure will be helpful in other discussions.

After that we started on our aquarium style fishbowl (we just tried this one out today) over chapters 5-8.
During the discussion we talked about:
-how art influences life, or if life influences art.
-the portrait Dorian Gray became such good friends with and how maybe the portrait took Dorian's soul. We discussed ideas on if Dorian was even living and whether or not he is immortal. Some people talked about how maybe the image wasn't physically changing, but that the change took place in Dorian's perception of himself, aka in his mind.
-some people started to see contradictions in the story such as Lord Henry saying women are practical while earlier in the story he said women are just a decorative sex.

The outer circle did great and had some awesome blog-cussion, I'll just call it that...

Homework for Wednesday:
- Read ch. 9-10 of The Picture of Dorian Gray
- Don't forget about the second part of that Last Lecture, the due date will come quicker than you imagine.
- Blog question for fishbowl over ch. 5-8 (i'm assuming if you're on here then you can get that done, or have already got that done)

Have a wonderful four day week! I can't wait for donuts.

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